KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA KELTRON NAGAR
                                                  INNOVATIVE PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN BY TEACHERS 2015-2016
Sl.No Name Designation Innovative project Topics
1 Thanuja.P.A PGT(Phy) Capsule test to improve the memory power and to get rid of tension in exam hall for slow learners.
2 Anitha. PGT (chem) How to create interest in chemistry and how to improve scoring in chemistry.
3 K.Latha PGT(Bio) Collaborative approach to project based learning.
4 Sujatha.M.Poduval PGT(Bio) How to ensure zero failure in biology 
5 Sunny.T.A PGT(Eco) Economic  survey to know the financial back ground of parents .preparing questionnaire’s collection ,analysis, and interpretation of data collected.
6 Beena.C.chacko PGT(Maths) Sri Ramanujan’swork on numbers,how is it effectively used now –a-days andwhat is its importance.
7 Shylaja.T.H. PGT(Hindi) Even after studying Hindi over a long years,students are unable to speak confidently in Hindi.
8 Prasanth Kumar PGT(Phys) Application of physics in day to day life and to create interest in physics learning.
9 PGT(com) Adolescence education in schools
10 K.Biji PGT (Chem) How to bring interest in studies in 8 to 12 students-(study of reasons and remedies
11 Bindhiya N PGT(Com.Sci)  Effect of IT on students.
12 Jessy Cecelia PGT(Eng) Pronounciation or articulation of various sounds in English
13  Sahadevan.P TGT  (SST) Behaviour during lunch break in school.
14 Sajeevan C.P TGT(SKT) Five tips for Sanskrit learning.
15 Satheesan P.K TGT(SST) Family back ground and performance of children in various fields.
16 Ashwini.k.k TGT(Sci) Performance of students based on invigilator in exam.
17 C.V.Raveendran TGT(Hindi) Late arrival in assembly/school.
18 Sangeetha .A TGT(Maths) How can we make mathematics learning easy.
19 S R Vidya TGT(Eng) innovative project on Value Education
20 Shyjo.O TGT(WE) Students venture on saving energy(state is facing acute shortage of power) and reducing electricity bill.
21 Venugopalan.P.E TGT .Maths. AGBI-1729(Active guidance and Blissful Inspiration)-1729
22 Usha.V.V TGT English Inspiring  students to use English effectively and confidently through student Peers.
23 Mini.B TGT(Eng) How to develop interest of a child /slow learners towards the language English and how to develop the child to a good human being.
24 K.Valsala kumari TGT(Bio) Types of trees grown in a school.The study of Acacia trees ,merits and demerits.
25 Pushpavally.T.N TGT(Hindi) Inspire the students for creative writing-bringing out their talents and creativity. 
26 Manjula.A TGT(Sst) How to create interest in social science learning.  
27 Reshma.V TGT(Maths) Difficulty in teaching and learning due to the strange deviation of the subjects from primary to secondary. 
28 Hashim.P.P Librarian. Beginning digital library using Green stone software.
29 Maya.C Spoken English  Importance of english.
30 Sini Rani .S  Computer instructor Students area of interest in computer usage
31 Archana singh PET. Starting of football and its effects on students.
32 V .karunakaran PRT Reading habits of primary children.
33 A.Ravi PRT Cleanliness---school and home.
34 Mini.P.K PRT To improve Writing in Hindi in II-A
35 A.C.Shyamala PRT Maths Lab activities for ClassV
36 C.P.Renjith PRT Motivating children by showing Mathematical game
37 C.V.Prasanna PRT Enjoy learning spelling through rhymes in Class-I
38 Nandakumar P.V PRT Word bank in class IV-A
39 T.V.Suja PRT Implimentation of cursive writing in II-c
40 Dr Dimple PRT Music State the importance of  music in the
scenaria of Modern Art form of North India
41 Kalpana  PRT  Children-now-a-days
42 Kavitha PRT To enhance the nutritional health status of the children of class IV-A
43 P V Sapna PRT To improve Fluency in spoken Hindi in class V
44 Remya Gopi PRT Learning through Rhymes,Rhymes for every topic in class III EVS
45 Beena T PRT Find out the cause of learning  disabilities in weak children in class II B
46 K V Sheeja PRT To improve spoken Hindi in Class I B
47 Radhika PRT To improve discipline in class IV B
48 Pauline PRT General manners,good behaviour in class V B
49 Jerome PRT A Survey in difficulty in speaking English in Class V A